When will I receive my report?

Inspection ReportSame Day – Inspection reports are typically sent the same day, late afternoon or evening. Occasionally it may be the following morning if there is a lot of work that needs to go into the report. If your inspection objection deadline is also the same day as the inspection appointment, please let us know so we can prioritize this report and make a note for the inspector.

All additional services are received the same day with the exception of those listed below:

Radon Results2 Days – Radon testing requires a 48 hour testing period in the home and we can drop at the equipment at the inspection appointment. After 48 hours, we will retrieve those results and send them out the same day. We can always set the machine ahead of time (please arrange with office) and pick it up at the inspection to have results same day.

Mold Testing 1-2 Days – Mold testing samples are sent by express overnight mail. Monday-Thursday we will have results available the next day. Friday & Saturday testing would receive results on Monday. Saturday appointments must be scheduled no later then 1 PM to receive by Monday.

Water Bacterial Testing1-2 Days – We can collect water testing samples Monday-Thursday and if the samples are able to be dropped by 4 PM, results will be delivered the next day. The lab does not accept any samples Friday- Sunday so we will make other arrangements for these.

Water Testing (Nitrate, Nitrite & Lead)1-28 Days – If the real estate water package is chosen, the bacterial water results will have the same timeline as above, the nitrate/nitrite testing has a 2 day turnaround and the lead results take up to 28 days to get results back.

How long does inspection take?

Most inspection take about 3 hours to complete on average. This will vary depending on the condition, age and size of them home. If there are additional services added to the appointment we do our best to have 2 inspectors out working on getting everything finished so we can still be completed in a timely manner.

Can I be there for the inspection?

Yes! Please come if you are able to, even if it is only for part of the inspection. The best time would be the last hour of the inspection. The inspector is happy to give you a quick summary of the overall condition of the home on site and also to show you important areas of the home such as water shut off valves, where your HVAC system is located, etc.

When and how do I pay?

After we book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email which contains a button called “inspection details”. This will take you to your hub for all things related to your inspection: reports, agreements, payments, inspector information, etc. In this area there is a way to pay online via credit card or you are welcome to bring a check or cash to the inspection if you will be there. Please note, payment is due before or at the time of the inspection.

Are you certified and insured?

All of our inspectors are certified through interNachi which is short for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. In addition to this, many of our inspectors have extensive backgrounds in contracting, electrical and foundation work. We carry both liability and errors and commissions insurance which is important for you as a buyer to make sure whoever is inspecting your future home has both of these policies in place.

How much experience do you have?

PremierOne has been in business for the last 11 years in Colorado. We have performed THOUSANDS of home inspections over that time. In fact, our inspectors joke they can’t drive anywhere in town with their families without pointing out the homes they have inspected. In addition to this vast experience inspecting, many of our inspectors have previous backgrounds in construction, electrical and foundation work and truly are home experts.

What is your warranty program about?

Our One Hundred Day home warranty coverage is a program that we are very proud of. On every inspection we perform we offer a free  warranty program that covers many components in the home. This is invaluable during those first few months of home-ownership since many times buying a home can deplete savings. If a issue arises in the home after the inspection day our program will help take care of those expenses.

It is important to note our coverage is offered exclusively by our company. That means if you have to make a warranty claim you deal with us directly and we handle it from the moment you let us know to the very end. We don’t hand you off to a third party company and hope they won’t find some way to deny your claim. We developed this program to take care of our clients and accurately represent our companies integrity.

For more information, please visit our warranty page.

What is your "we miss it, we fix it" guarantee?

In addition to a home warranty, we offer an inspection guarantee as well. In the unlikely event that something was missed in the home that is within the standards of practice of our industry we will make it right. We are confident in our inspectors abilities to accurately identify issues in the home that can be seen and stand behind our work.

What are your hours?

 Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday 8am-9pm, Sundays – messages are checked through the day.

Inspection Hours:

Monday-Saturday, Sunday’s can be usually be scheduled by calling our office at 719-217-9594.

I have my report, now what?

Once you receive your report(s) and look everything over you are more then welcome to ask your inspector as many questions as you need. Our job is not complete until you are comfortable and understand the report in its entirety. At that point, typically you work with your Real Estate Agent to figure out if and what you might ask the seller to fix from the inspection report.

What is the latest/earliest time I can book an appointment?

Our earliest inspection time is usually 8am and the latest is 3-4PM. During the winter months it is best for us to start no later the 3pm so there is plenty of daylight left. There isn’t always adequate lighting in the home for the inspector when the sun starts to set, especially in vacant homes.

The sellers are still in the home, how do I know when to schedule an appointment?

We understand there are many people involved in getting an appointment booked. You, your Agent, the seller and our inspectors calendars sometimes all have to match up. However, we find that sellers are usually pretty flexible with inspection dates/times and typically if we pick a date and time that is a day or 2 out that usually works out. We can reschedule appointments at any point though with the click of a button so you are not locked into any appointment time with us.

Your Real Estate Agent usually works with the sellers agent to confirm the time/date works or can let us know what might work better.