In addition to a home inspection, you may want to consider having the sewer line scoped to rule out any existing problems with the sewer line. Our sewer scope camera will take a high quality, digital video and will include a summary of findings from our sewer scope specialist. Sewer line repairs are among the most expensive home repairs and can cost thousands of dollars if replacement is needed. Having the line checked is a fraction of this cost and can ease your mind to know that one of the key areas of a home that can’t be viewed in a standard home inspection is being checked.

Sewer Scopes in Colorado Springs

Certain factors make having a sewer scope more important; however, you can never go wrong by checking the line in any home. There are rare instances of sewer lines in brand new homes that were crushed by the large construction trucks compacting the soil above them, ones that had a negative grade so the sewage doesn’t flow out properly to the main, and even ones that didn’t fully connect to the sewer main! Most often newer homes have little to no issues in the sewer lines, but the checklist below can help you decide:
  • Home is older – As the home ages the pipes have had more time to break down, develop root intrusion, and collect blockages.
  • Large trees – The more foliage and the larger the trees that are located on the property, the more likely roots have grown into the sewer line.
  • Well maintained? – If the home was well maintained it is an indicator that items which shouldn’t have been placed in the drain line were kept out (grease, non-biodegradable items, etc).
Below is a video of a sewer line we  scoped that had offsets in the line and root intrusion. None of these prevented the flow of waste into the sewer main, but the video gives a good overall view of the condition of the line and what to look  for in the future.